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Default Re: Crysis SLi Performance Feedback

Originally Posted by john19055
I am runnin WinXP and I can't tell any difference when turning SLI on ,or just running a single GPU.Do I need to turn it on somewhere in the game files.
This is what I did:

- Make sure you don't have nhancer or any other profile related utilities installed for Nividia.
- Uninstall the drivers in Add/Remove Programs.
- Boot into safe-mode, and run Drivercleaner.
- Boot back into normal Windows and re-install the 169.04 driver.
- After your computer comes back up from a reboot, enable SLI in the CP.
- Once SLI is enabled, head to the Nvidia Crysis Profile.
- Notice the SLI setting is set to "Custom" and not SFR/AFR1/AFR2/Single gpu.
- Do not change this setting to anything. Just leave it at custom.
- Now run the Game or the Benchmark and you should notice a big difference.
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