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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

yeah I ran the benchmark 4 loops with the settings in my post #18 and then when I used the ones in #19, the benchmark was 36~37 fps avg through 4 loops.

Post #18 is my entire game.cfg file.

I think one of the issues with all this tweaking is that some of these optinons are the ones that make you say "I woudln't have known it could look better unless I saw for myself". I thought the game looked spectacular on high settings and then turning on sun rays, pom, battle dust and tweaking the water a bit does make you say that. At least I did.

I think I've decided to keep motion blur on but right now, only on look rather than all objects. I think it's one of the reasons that crysis appears to run quicker than it really is becuase with motion blur turned off, @ 24 fps, I can tell that it's choppy and has those fraction of a second stutters when you look around quickly. With motion blur on, it's more pleasing to my eyes to have it blurred rather than to see the machine try to render precision faster than it's capable of doing.

I didn't mess with the HDR level yet though. That's one thing I still want to play around with.

I'm using the beta 169.04 drivers if that makes any differnce but I really haven't seen any noticable gain or loss in FPS.
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