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Default Re: Repacked level, added weapons, extra ending.

Originally Posted by nutcrackr
Thanks for this, was cool. The sound cut off for me after the demo cutscene, only the voice overs and hud sounds worked.

where is the chopper?
Yea about that.... I just found out I placed it in a spot that you can't get to, kinda. I totally forgot the missle launch sections and I put it in a spot inside the lines. So if you do find it when you are playing the game you will get killed by a missle. I will release a fix for that soon I will move the missle launch section a little further back so you can actually get to it. If your fast enough you may be able to get to it.

Here is how to get to it, after you fight the scout in the game you will come out of the jungle and see the water, there is a boat at the dock to 'get to the chopper' you take the boat to the left along the coast. You will be heading out towards sea. The chopper is in a little section off to the left. There are two guys standing next to the chopper as well.

I also did the same thing with the hover craft. There is an island out towards the sea if you go out from where the flare is at the start of the level. Sorry bout that guys I totally didn't think about the missle sections.

Did anyone notice I put the text for Physico and Nomad at the end of the level?
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