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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

In regards to the SP1/SP2 blurries, here is some testing I did.

I set all settings to the min/zero value except for the ones needed to produce sharp ground textures. So mesh is at 38m, textures at 1m, LOD Radius at max, and global textures at max. Everything else is far left. The resolution is 1152 with AF, locked at 21fps.

These are all full speed in the SF260. The first two are after I isntalled SP1. I deleted the cfg and the results did not change.

This is the same test after uninstalling SP1, all settings are the same. There is a resolution transition line where the red mark is, and while it would get a little bit closer, it stayed about the same distance out. With SP1 that line soon passes right by, and then the next wave of progressive blurr might even move in.

And just to show how good the RTM version works, here are my normal settings, and the normal texture clarity of FSX. The RTM version is still the best in my opinion, though if I stick with it I'm left out of many add ons. I hope the problem can still be found.

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