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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Amuro
Off topic:

Just curious what setup do you guys use for flight sims?
Saitek X45 Logitec G15 (very handy with 48 macro keys) I use Freetrack 2.1 for 6DOF IR Head tracking and it works just as well as my buds Trackir (once i built a IR refective head set) all in all my head tracker cost me about 9 if you dont have trackir and have a webcam that will do 30fps locked i suggest you check it out as 6DOF tracking adds somuch to FSX (and many other sims) that i just can flight without it now

Great shots sillyeagle its just what im seeing in FSX RMT SP1 & SP2,Although i have to say that in SP2 hires tiles jump in a lot faster than in SP1 but still way to close for my liking,i dout this is going to get fixed unless NV can pull something out of there hats for us because from what im reading over at AVsim PT and the boys have now pretty much abandoned FSX so what ever SP2 breaks or doesnt fix for the masses once the free downloads out ther door thats it no more fixes or updates......

SP2 is a mixed bag for me atm I have seen a slight boost to FPS at like for like SP1 settings & as i said above blurries are reduced but not gone I also have the mouse/menu access problem where using the UI fullscreen in flight cause's a hard lockup Aces say this is an NV problem but they dont have any ETA for a fix (this might have been avoided if Aces had'nt just dev'ed on pre 16x.xx driver sets)

P-51D is nice in the air but forget trying to taxi with it as it just refuses to stear at normal taxi speeds

F18 Is cool but far to fast for the Engine to handle and everything just becomes a blurry mess once you crank it up...also no manual WFT??

EH-101 is nice and i like the missions its used in

Over all worth the 17.99 i payed for it

I have'nt tryed the DX10 content as i just refuse to reinstall Vista but from what ive read it really is'nt anything to shout about
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