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Originally posted by str
Figured I'd post a thanks to MUYA for all his hard work on the site recently. Having a quality newshound and writer like MUYA around makes loading up nV News so much more worthwhile.
</blushes> lol

Thanks man, its great to give to nvnews and, nvnews readers something back because, nvnews had given me my tech news fix for so long, since the g256 launch days! Seeing that everybody is busy with reviews and life, and I had nothing better to do, I thought i'd help out a lil bit. All this with dial up, I will be moving to Hong Kong soon and hopefully get a broadband connection, with a broadband connection, hopefully there will be even more reviews and news links for the readers of!

Thnx str , compliments much appreciated.


PS: some wanna buy a pint of Guinness? I am hankering for a pint of the black stuff!
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