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Default Re: Crysis SLi Performance Feedback

Originally Posted by K007
So your not seeing the SLI Load balance bars?

Check another game like Bioshock, see if the SLI bars show up on that.
The load balance bars show up fine ... it's just the don't go up very far with Crysis.
There is about 1fps difference between a single card and SLi ...
169.04 in XP.
Other games they work fine ... with Jericho for instance the load balance bars are right up and my fps are almost doubled with SLi.

It is just Crysis ... very odd !
My guess is that for some reason Crysis just doesn't like my comp or one of it's components.

Some screens ...
I run TripleHead ... 3840x1024 ... click to see full size ...

But it is the same if I run on a single screen ... ... click to see full size ...

Single card ...

SLi ...

Here is Jericho ... as you can see it is fine ... click to see full size ...
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