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Default PC Gamer gives Crysis a 98%

Just got my issue in the mail. Heard rumors on the net stated 92% but I can confim 98%

Highs; A graphical powerhouse; immersive, open-ended sandbox that encourages emergent gameplay; well-paced storyline; meticulosly detailed; engrossing multiplayer; included map editor

Lows; Alien enemy AI not as spectacular as North Korean AI; Enemies can sometimes absorb too much damage; a few minor glitches

Bottom Line; Destined to be a classic, Crysis is a creative and technological marvel that eclipses every other shooter released this year.

The only mention of performance is them trying it on an older single-core 3500+ w/ a 6800 and gig of ram all settings low 800x600 and it stuttered a bit. So it seems the demo is on par with retail performance.
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