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Default Re: 100.14.19 nvidia geforce go 7200 flashing and freezing

I'm having a similar problem with a Gigabyte 7300GS with 128 MB of RAM on a desktop PC (Gigabyte Athlon 64 with 570 chipset) running Fedora 7.

The drivers 100.14.11, .19, and .23 all cause a freeze after a short period of use (from a few minutes to several hours, at least partly dependent on activity). Usually everything freezes, the display, the keyboard, the mouse. Once the mouse was able to move but not activate buttons, etc. In every case, my only solution is to power down or reset manually.

The nv driver never freezes, but I have a problem with the video that shows up intermittently: colors are reversed, typically white to black but sometimes also blue to yellow. Restarting x usually fixes the problem. I dealt with Gigabyte about the hardware, but after they checked my card twice and finally swapped it out, I still had the problem. It doesn't appear with the 100.14.xx drivers.

If this is in fact a known problem that will be fixed in the next release, I'll wait for that, surviving meanwhile with a faulty 2d video.

4GB RAM, 2-Seagate SATA2 320GB drives in RAID 1 array, Samsung 21.6 inch monitor
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