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Default Re: Can't install Vista Ultimate but can still WinXP Pro on the same PC. Help!

Originally Posted by Revs
Some mobo's need drivers to be able to see the drives. I had a MSI mobo that I had to install the hard drive drivers during the initial set-up stage. I think it said something like 'Press F6 to install third party drivers' within the first few seconds on booting from the disk.

Maybe the XP disk has the drivers you need on the disk but Vista doesn't. Did you get any drivers on a floppy with the mobo?
No floppy drivers came in the box. In fact, I don't even have my floppy drive installed anymore. Do you know how to use a USB drive to emulate a floppy drive so that if I stick it in and boot from it, it will say A:\ in DOS mode?

As for the stability and speed of Vista that was installed over a fresh copy of XP, I don't perceive any difference with a clean installed Vista which is a good thing.
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