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Default Re: Request for new Sticky about resolution issue!

Interesting info, Pe1chl, thanks.

So I assume from what you said that my video card is the problem and there is NO resolution (no pun intended) to my problem other then to upgrade it?

That assumption, if correct, begs the questions -- why does the card work now when bypassing with the "NoMaxPClkCheck" parameter if the card is too old?

And why (I'm not that smart as to understand the intricacies of digital vs analog output) does it work when connecting analog to analog at it's native resolution?

Just to note, I did try modelines with lower pixel clock speeds at the native resolution, but were rejected. As a matter of fact, all the modelines were rejected at first, according to the xorg log file. Only after the "NoDFPNativeResolutionCheck" parameter was I able to get, at least, the 1440x900 resolution.

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