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Default What DON'T you like about Crisis?

I'll post a few (even though I do love this game).

To me the enemies take way too many hits to put them down unless it's a headshot. Standing right next to them and hitting them like ten times is kind of unrealistic. Wish it was more like Farcry which was just right to me. I know some supposedly have body armor but some are wearing just fatigues (with no change in number of hits required to kill).

These red boxes around characters taking hits and the grenades. Dam I hate that. If they wanted to give some warning of grenade throws, it would have been much better IMO to maybe have a small red light on the grenade itself istead of showing a stupid red box around it. Once I saw those red boxes it was like throwing the game into 12 year old territory.

IMO, this game needs a toggle crouch option and a walk option (preferable toggle). Also, when holding key to crouch, you have to stand up again to go into prone. Should be able to go into prone from any position.

Be able to reverse mouse wheel direction for Binoculars. I saw an option to reverse this for zoom but that doesn't apply to the Binoculars for some reason.

A Aniso setting option in game would be good too.
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