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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

Originally Posted by Mike89
These red boxes around characters taking hits and the grenades. Dam I hate that. If they wanted to give some warning of grenade throws, it would have been much better IMO to maybe have a small red light on the grenade itself istead of showing a stupid red box around it. Once I saw those red boxes it was like throwing the game into 12 year old territory.
Delta mode removes this and makes the AI very smart. The only way to play the demo IMO.

Originally Posted by Mike89
Also, when holding key to crouch, you have to stand up again to go into prone. Should be able to go into prone from any position.
I think you can. I've been in prone position and needed to pop up just a hair more and I hit the crouch button and I went from prone to crouch. Let go of crouch and it went directly back down to prone. If you're crouching and want to go prone, just hit the prone key while still crouching and I think you go straight down to prone.. I could be wrong but I've done this several times and never been seen.

Originally Posted by Mike89
Be able to reverse mouse wheel direction for Binoculars. I saw an option to reverse this for zoom but that doesn't apply to the Binoculars for some reason.
You mean rolling the mouse wheel back to pull up your binoculars? I don't see why it wouldn't let you do that. Or just use another mouse button (Which is what I do). If you had mouse wheel back bound to pull up the binocs, you wouldn't be able to zoom out when you're looking through them.

Anyways, regarding my qualms with the demo...

* Having to edit config files to play in very high settings. Very uncool on Crytek's part.

* Boats burn and have flames after you blow them up after they sink. Last time I checked, fire can't burn underwater... and no welding torches and underwater flares don't count.

* medium mountain textures when graphics settings are on high. And having to edit the config file to load the high res mountain textures.

* no bullet marks or blood on the koreans when you shoot them. A little gray dot on their skin where the bullet went in doesn't count. Blood on surfaces near them and on the ground when they fall down dead is fine but how about a bit more realism to indicate that they've actually been shot here...

* Not ALL the trees are destroyable. Only the palm trees and tiny little skinny trees can be destroyed. The other trees can't. LAME!

* When you destroy a small skinny tree and grab the large part of the tree that fell to the ground and carry it, the shadow for the tree is all kinds of messed up. A huge gray block actually.

* speaking of shadows, if you're carrying a barrel around, the sun apparently doesn't get the memo and your shadow is you minus said barrel.

* when you throw that big gas range stove found just before you encounter the first korean troop at a troop on the ground, the thing has to hit their upper torso or higher to kill them. If it hits them in the waste or lower, nothing. The stove doesn't tumble across the ground realistically and knock them over. Minus one huge point for you Crytek for not using the Havok engine. HL2 has already set the benchmark for what gaming physics is supposed to be like. You, Crytek, have fallen quite short of that benchmark.

*Having to "use" a ladder when you're next to it rather than just automatically grabbing it. POO POO!

*Barrel's with oil in them leak oil into the water if you toss it in the bay and put a few bullets into it. It looks spectacular. Why can't human bodies do this!?? It would be ten times cooler. also, when submerged, the human bodies should float back up to the surface or sink to the bottom. Not remain suspended the way they do.

When you drive a truck into the water and blow it up or when you throw a grenade into the water, no big huge splash of water blowing up out of the water. What gives? They got it right for bullets hitting the water. Why not just make a big one of those splashes!

*There's something about the way the palm trees fall down that I just don't like at all. I think it's that wierd little pause they do before they completely break apart. Like it falls over 99% of the way and then stops for a second and then detaches itself from the base. It should't totally separate itself unless enough bullets go through to totally separate it all. It should still stay attached by a small bit of the tree's trunk.

Oh well.. I guess I'm nit picking here but it's only because I know they're going for the most realistic experience possible and I've seen them come sooo close in so many ways but totally forget some of the more painfully obvious details.

It's those little things like that that really enhance the overall experience. Graphics can only take you so far if that one small element of believability is missing.
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