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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Not everything in the Dawn demo is rendered properly on an ATI card. Although it does run A LOT better on an ATI card.

...right, you can't display the "point" or "wire" frame as it will cause the demo to crash.
'course I don't give a #%$^ about seeing the wire or point frame. I prefer seeing Dawn in the flesh... The crash is probably due to the OpenGL wrapper.

Oh, that reminds...I'm not sure if this is just for ATI cards with the crack or if it is actually in the unaltered demo for the FX...but for those of you who don't know this you can remove dawn's clothes by simply changing the .exe name.
Change 'Fairy' to 'Quake3' and you get Dawn naked except for her wings. Change 'Fairy' to '3dmark03' and you'll lose the wings as well. AND for those of you just going into the demo directory and changing the .exe and running it from there you are missing out on the 'Ultra' setting. You'll need to change the 'Dawn Ultra' shortcut under 'Nvidia Demos' in your program menu to correspond with what you changed the .exe name to...
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