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Default I Like Nvidia drivers

But they aren't simply to use or configure.

I have played to Descent and Quake III, in my system.

Pentium II-350, 512 MB ram, TNT2 M64, SBlive!

Quake and Descent, or TuxRacer works, but I don't think more than 25 fps, but is played decently

Mplayer works well, with "xv" driver, not "x11" or "SDL"
in 640x480 run at 60% of CPU ( with ffmpeg libs )
I can play mp3, run mplayer and chat (irc)

I compile my own kernel
With this options
Pentium II
MTRR ( Memory Type Range Register, Mplayer use it )

but this NO
Dri, or AGP

I use Nvidia's internal AGP
I have read Nvidia's Readme )
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