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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

Originally Posted by LORD-eX-Bu
only thing I don't like is that everything dies when it touches the water.

I think that having to put a couple rounds into some dudes chest when he is wearing body armor is pretty realistic. I aim mostly towards the center of the upper chest and the muzzle flip usually makes me hit them in the head by the third round thus dropping them instantly.

I think the damage model is fine.

The game is already easy, even on Delta
, you guys want these guys to commit suicide in front of you instead of you having to shoot them?
Exactly, and stealth works fine as well. Cloak doesn't stay forever but the slower you move, the longer it stays. It's just a tactical aspect of stealth assaults to manage your suits energy (by going prone behind obsticles or inside bushes) and kill them one by one. The AI won't find you as long as they don't see you cloak, your outside their FOV and outside their "hearing distance" (about 5 yards around them).

I finished the demo once all on stealth (and delta) without even killing a single soldier and you can even sneak through the narrow NK checkpoint with the MGs near the mountain. You just need to be aware of your surroundings, plan ahead and know that your suit consumes energy at different speeds. There is also a "warning indicator" incl. an enemy sight indicator, which depending how well you are hidden (uncloaked) won't even start to increase. The indicators make the stealth aspect a lot easier.

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