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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

Originally Posted by crainger

I hate the fact it's impossible to play stealth even though you can cloak. I mean you cloak, it wears down way to quickly and if you shoot it's off and everyone charges you and as jAk said it takes a lot to drop an enemy, so you shot a guy point blank in the head, it says "WTF?" and starts blasting.
Cloak works ok.
like what agentkay just said .. cloak wears down quickly when running , less when you just walk , even lesser when you crouch & much less when you stand still.
i did hit a solider with a silenced pistol while in cloak & the other ran to check his mate (he did not charge me) which is in order unless maybe you cloak & fire your weapons un-slienced.

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