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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

Yeh I must admit, I dunno what some of you guys are doing but I found the stealth aspect WAY to easy to employ, especially with how long the cloacking can last for.

Most outposts you can easy sneak in and pop a guy with one shot from your silenced pistol then sneak off into the woods again if you time it right. It's really easy to complete the whole level this way, just run around a corner and clock up etc.

I didn't mind the amount of bullets to take down a dude, didn't seem overkill, don't forget at range not every bullet is hitting. Up close they seem to take 3 or so unless its in the head.

I would prefer that maybe if you say shot someone in the leg they would be limping and so on, like in one of the real Rainbow Six Games (Raven Shield).

But yeh, overall,(IMO) stealth to easy, even on hardest difficulty. It's more fun to go in guns blazing and see if you can survive.
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