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Default Re: Hellgate: London Feedback

Agreed, Diablo is the best. I still play it to this day at 800x600 on a 50" monitor, . . . . and still love it.

I can't believe the comments about Hellgate though. The game itself is fantastic. The MP with a couple of friends is so enjoyable I could faint, (especially the museum level).

HOWEVER . . I've had to turn the graphics options down to play it. Not because it's slow (I can play it in dx10 with everything maxed and the actuall graphics run fine), . . . but it crashes every 10-15 minutes. Not the memory leak crash, this gives me an error message, these are crashes usually in the non-instanced ares (stations).

The Hellgate official forums AND the Hellgate GURU forum are packed with hundreds of people begging them to do something about this, only to get an officail announcement from Bill Roper the apart from the server going down on the first day, the game is running really well.

I can get around it with the graphic options turned down, but it looks really poor in comparision, so why should I?

They have annonced today a patch, that adds things like "More chests in the cave area" . . . Who cares? Get the game fixed! They obviously don't read their forums, or just don't care.
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