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Default Stability Concerns

I seem to get a lot of system lockups when running the kernel module "nvidia" to display my video, as I've read has happened a lot. I built this system from scratch. an NF20-A2 board (MCP61 - controllers), a[n] [ASUS] 7200GS/7300SE video card, 2GB of memory, and a SATA hard drive (using an 8GB SWAP with a 4GB / and a few unimportant partitions to this topic), and an AMD X2 6000+ Currently using the kernel, and compiling 26.23.1 to test the module with. [Using x86_64 by the way, forgot to say that D:]

I've had this problem with many stock kernels, and I've tried all of the "fixes" in the Stability Topic. I tried pci=nommconf and ide=poll both alone and together. I did try maxcpus=1 to see if this solved my problem, and it did. I'm not prepared to go from 3GHZ dual core to only one 1.5GHZ processor.

I of course can compromise with using any 2.6 kernel version (I'm not saying to compromise with you, I don't mean to be rude in any way-- I am just saying more-of "I'd love..."). Is there any specific kernel version I could [up,down]grade to that would allow correct multiSMP while having nvidia kernel module stability intact?

Thanks for the help,

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