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Default Re: Console suspend/resume without X or nvidia.ko

After quite a lot of testing with both vbetool and different s2ram options, and acpi_sleep options, with my laptop (ASUS W7J) I still couldn't find a way to wake up the console/vesafb display (no nvidia driver and no X) after a suspend/resume.

Considering the nvidia driver and X are able to do something to wake the display on resume, is there any chance that it could expose this function somehow? Perhaps something like a /proc or /sys value to the nvidia kernel module to reset/wakeup the display?

Additionally, without nvidia kernel driver loaded or X running, after a suspend and resume, I tried to wake the display up by starting X (I can't see the screen but I could still ssh in over network). However X fails to start, and I a NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed! error in the dmesg. Does that sound right at all?

Thanks again.
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