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Default Re: When are the bloody Combo drives coming out?

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Well they were available last month but it was all sold out fast in 1 day, it impossible to get hold on either GGC-H20L and GGW-H20L because it are so cheap. I found 3 stockists on Froogle UK overpriced for GGC-H20L, Span listed GGC-H20L for 165.67 inc VAT and affordable Blu-ray writer HD-DVD combo GGW-H20L for 210.32, around the same price I paid for first CD writer long time ago but either are still not available.

DAMN!!!!! I missed them

Hmm. Ebuyer have got the pioneer blu ray for 123 and the XBOX HD-DVD for 109 and i get 10 off google and free shipping. Thats 232 for both of them, with the added bonus of one being portable.

Im tempted just to sod it and buy them. I cant keep waiting on the never never over a triffling 30.

will contemplate. What do you recommend?
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