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Default Phenom X4 benchmark on Crysis demo

Final thoughts:

Testing using Crysis CPU Benchmark is a new try, We hope this test can show the CPU's actual performance.

With these score AMD can't win this fight easily. We know that the OC ability of these retail version AM2+ CPUs are limited. We can not use the multiplier to OC, and using FSB to OC only can boost up the frequency for 26X~27XMHz. Pls remember that a easily-OC-to-3GHz-PhenomX4 wont sell on market.

It is not the Frequency limiting the Phenom X4. Just read all the score for reference, Even OC to the same frequency Phenom still can not win. Compare to dual core E6850 it still have a performance gap.

But the test also show some bad news for Intel: the dual-core-to-quad-core improvement are more less than AMD's job. AMD is catching up and Intel still using their last generation advantage.

We want to ask AMD: where's native quad core's advantage? Nov.20 Phenom X4 will begin selling, at that time we will know more.
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