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Default Why don't overclocking and aniso/antialiasing setting "stick" with nvidia-settings

I've noticed it since I began using Linux last year (since Ubuntu 6.10). I have a 7900 GT and it works just fine with nvidia drivers and doing twinview (2560x1024). Nvidia X Server Settings is an excellent control panel tool, and most of options do "stick" after a reboot, like twinview, sync to vblank, and digital vibrance. But overclocking (enabled by Option "Coolbits" "1" in xorg.conf) and antialiasing/anisotropic filtering settings do not. If I reboot, or simply restart X, I got no antialising/aniso, despite it's enabled on nvidia settings. I do have to disable "override aplication setting" and enable it again in order to get it working. Same thing with overclocking - after restarting X, "Enable Overclocking" is disabled. Running nvidia-settings as root gives the same results.

Not much to worry, as I simply have to remember to disable/enable these settings before running a game, but I would like to know if this is a "feature" or a known bug.

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