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Default Re: Hellgate: London Feedback

Game is not worth reviewing to be honest. So I'll be short. To compare it to Diablo 2 is a laugh.

Graphics = Great

Controls = Meh ok

Sound = Crappy. It doesn't even have voice acting in the entire game. Not even for main quests, its still all text. The closest thing you get to voice acting is every now and then a bumbling retard will say "oh who took my shoes? It must have been the legless boy!" , while in text he is talking about something serious like his mother passing away and how he wants to you to see revenge. Pretty stupid imo.

Addictiveness = nonexistent

Network play = I'm not even bothering choosing between a crippled crappy version for free or a decent version for $15 a month

Environments = Very lacking and boring. The graphics themselves are great, but they could have added a bit better art direction with the environments.

Gameplay = Not really all that fun. Its not absolutely terrible, but this First/Third person gaming just does not work in my opinion.

Classes = None of the classes make you feel like you are something. Its a boring selection of classes with no real strong feeling of any. Whether you are a tank, melee, caster, summoner, etc in another game, in this game when choosing these classes you won't really feel like you are doing your job, but merely everyones job at the same time.

Skills = boring. Have yet to find a skill that amuses me.

Overall = The game is worth a renter, but considering PC games are unable to be rented, I'd say just forget about it. Maybe they will send it to the brain dead console gamers. It will get 10.0 ratings at every single console website and console gamers will love it until the end of time.
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