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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

Originally Posted by miahallen
Thanks for the guide Gaco, but I'm still having some problems. With any of the "Ultra" configs I've tried, I'm unable to get my FPS out of the teens with any resolution higher than 1024x768. Am I doing something wrong, or are you just running very low resolutions?

I'd like to play at my monitors native resolution (1080p), any reccomendations on what settings I should change to acheive playable framerates (>20 is OK with me)?

I'm using a system with very similar specs to yours & FastRedPonyCar's:
Q6600 @ 3.2GHz
GA-P35-DS4 Rev.2.0
4GB Ballistix @ PC2-8000 5-5-5-15
eVGA 8800GTX @ 621-1512-1053
FW 169.04 beta
Vista HP x64
x64 .exe & DX10
That is quite odd. You should definently get higher FPS. If you just follow the instructions and use the exact same command lines, it shouldn't be that low. You could also try the thing PonyCar suggested. I can't think of any solution to that at the moment apart from reinstalling the game or even better reformatting the PC. But that is dreadfully troublesome I know, though if you're using Vista it actually doesn't take that long.

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
So you mean, That i sould leave the CVAr gropus files default then add every extra tweak and command in the autoexec.cfg to get the result in the demo?

I also wonder, is this Ultra tweak for those with Vista running on dx10 aswell or only for those with dx9?
Yes that's what I meant.

It should work for DX10 also, but there's no point atm with the mouselag issue, DX10 is hardly playable.

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
Heck if I know. But I'm using all modified CVARS config files at this point with very limited game.cfg file tweaking. Still averaging in the low~mid 30's fps.

Register here.

And scroll down and download the zip file, make a backup of your original cvars files and then use them and just run the game. Changes all the values from high to very high.

I've added a few extra things to the game.cfg file such as more wave detail and r_TexturesStreaming=0 to add texture to the mountains.
Wiii another tweakset. Must do some more testing at some point...
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