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Default Re: nvidia 100.14.19 1080i stretches screen

Originally Posted by crow
But I agree that it nVidia should be testing 1080i with a real HDTV as part of their validation system. I would also suggest that the driver should have built-in modelines for all 17 ATSC modes, so that those without valid EDID modes don't have to experiment with modelines.
I'm beginning to think this is the real problem...not just with this half screen bug (which as far as I know has been in all recent versions) but with the awful tearing issues. These may only occur on a native 1080i display.

By the way...I've never been able to try 8776 as my myth frontend has only PCI-e. Unless I'm mistaken, there simply aren't any PCI-e cards with a chipset supported by 8776.

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