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Default Who hasn't Pre-Ordered to play on the 14th?

So who hasn't fallen in to the purchase of the Pre-Order digital DL? I haven't thought for a sec that everything hasn't gone exactly to plan yet with Crysis. SP Demo delayed, a day, O but if you pre-order you can play it when you were planning. There wasn't anyway I was passing it up. No way I can pass up playing the full version 2 days ahead of the shelf release either. I wonder how much they will save on all the digital DL's, there's ganna be allot. Who wants to bet EA downloader will go on the fritz on the 14th .
So how many of you are actually holding out till the 16th for a box? You know when all the shots start rolling in your ganna kick yourself for not pre-ordering. This is the first I've pre-ordered in years but Iíll still pick up a hard copy later just to have it.
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