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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

Originally Posted by crainger

I hate the fact it's impossible to play stealth even though you can cloak. I mean you cloak, it wears down way to quickly and if you shoot it's off and everyone charges you and as jAk said it takes a lot to drop an enemy, so you shot a guy point blank in the head, it says "WTF?" and starts blasting.

What we need is a quick silent close kill, reward players who seperate the enemies and pick them off one by one.

It would also be nice if you take a hostage/bodyshield they don't just shoot anyway, kinda like in Splinter Cell.
You can very easily sneak around and be stealthy without having to make cloak mode last longer. It's already pretty much overpowered as it is. Use cloak mode + cover (like rocks, trees, bushes, etc) to sneak in undetected.
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