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Default Re: Stability Concerns

Originally Posted by netllama
Please see all the forum sticky posts.

Originally Posted by TravisB
I've had this problem with many stock kernels, and I've tried all of the "fixes" in the Stability Topic. I tried pci=nommconf and ide=poll both alone and together. I did try maxcpus=1 to see if this solved my problem, and it did. I'm not prepared to go from 3GHZ dual core to only one 1.5GHZ processor.
Originally Posted by ctheo
#offtopic - with stability problems it won't hurt to run memtest overnight
I will the next chance I get, thanks! [memtest86, correct?]

Originally Posted by zander
There are known stability problems with NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers >= 100.14.11 and GeForce 7200/7300 series GPUs on SMP/multi-core systems. These problems should be resolved in future driver releases. In the meantime, you can fall back to the 100.14.09 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver release.
Thanks, that helps a lot more. I'll revert as soon as she's done rebooting. Thanks for the help!
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