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Default Need next nVidia card upgrade suggestions

Hello all.

I'm at the verge of overhauling my computer, and since I only use Linux, I thought I'd ask you directly in this forum. I'm on a rather tight budget and am having a bit of trouble deciding which card to get (my upper limit would be about ~$200 for the video card, as this is a major overhaul). Just to give you a bit of background from what I'd be upgrading from, here's what I currently have:
  • CPU: AMD Athlon64 S754 2800+
  • RAM: 1 GB PC2700
  • Video: GeForce FX 5900 128Mb
  • Motherboard: VIA based K8M800, onboard NIC, sound, etc.
  • 2x80GB S-ATA WD HDDs
  • 1x120BG ATA Seagate HDD
  • DVD-RW
  • CD-RW

Needless to say I urgently need to migrate from AGP to PCI-E, I pretty much have all the components worked out, except for the graphics. I was wondering what would be the best bang for the buck given my tight budget for the card. I was considering either a 8600GTS GDDR3 part or a 7900GS, since I 'm on Linux I have not much of a need for DirectX 10 , however, I might be missing on other features... Would the trade off justify going with a previous generation product instead of a more current G80 part?

I even considered getting a lower end prev. generation card like a 7600 so to allow me to save up some more for a serious graphics upgrade, with the 9 series seemingly around the corner, the top of the line 9 series product will surely cost me at least as much as my full system upgrade (as I live outside the US and prices usually double)... And I'd need to start saving... But my question remains, for primarily using Linux only (with the fancy stuff like compiz-fusion, of course) what would give me the best price/performance ratio?

PS: It is not a secret that running demanding 3D applications while running Compiz/Beryl has quite a toll on the performance department, anyone been able to play demanding games like ET:QW with the effects running? (only a morbid question, as turning them off yields instant performance gain )

Thanks in advance.

Corrected a typo.
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