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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

Originally Posted by Buio
Fmod might be good, but its just another middleware that might get more prone to problems due to hardware/driver incompatibilities.
Nah. All it has to do is send its processed audio out to the individual sound channels via whatever means. It could even do that through directsound with hardly any overhead, and from there all that matters is whether or not your card works with directsound.

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
But 128 simultaneous 3D voices with HRTF is much more demanding and will reduce performance on a single CPU system.
Are you kidding? Vector functions (e.g. physics) are a lot more computationally taxing than the more common sinusoidal functions (e.g. sound processing) and today's games will throw a hell of a lot more than 128 different interactions at any given time without skipping a beat. If we were talking 1999 this would be a big deal, but with todays CPU' analogy of a hot knife going through butter comes to mind.

HRTF is cheesy btw, that will never work anywhere near as well as a true surround setup will. It doesn't matter how much they improve the technology, it is just physically impossible because everybody has a differently shaped head. Unless they invent some kind of optical deep ear canal scanner and figure out how to correctly map the acoustics of everybody's ear lobe.
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