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Default Re: Hellgate: London Feedback

Well, I'm loving this game. But I just like action RPGs, and have been hurting for one that is even slightly new. I was still playing Titan Quest up until a few weeks ago! They've patched the game up nicely over the past few days. I do have a few complaints though.

Quests are boring. The only ones that really amused me are the ones with Engineer 314 and his completely psychotic boss. Those were great.

The autodetected settings were just too high for my PC. I'm running on a laptop with a Geforce Go 7900 GS, and it has textures maxed out. The card only has 256 MB of vram on it, so yeah, that needed turning down both to reduce load times and shrink the swap file.

Aside from that the game is great. The gameplay is a fresh, the mod and crafting systems are nifty, and the massive variety of weapons the engineers can use is great. I'm trying to get enough accuracy to dual wield rocket pistols. Man, you never know WHAT a weapon is going to be like until you use it. I was avoiding this one rocket launcher for a while because I figured it was just a stronger version of the slow, one shot rocket launcher I was using before. No, turns out it actually fires massive volleys of rockets. And the rocket pistol is even cooler. It's like those batteries of mini rockets you set off on the 4th of July, except it never stops
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