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Default Re: 8800gtx overclock

I believe the core clock jumps from 621 to 648 around the 635 mark on the rt over clocking tab. Check with the monitoring tab when oc'ing. I had recently set mine to 660/1600/1050 via rt. When I opened up the monitoring window in rt, the graphs read 648/1620/1053. If I changed the core to 636 it would still read 648 in rt monitoring window. At 630 it read 621. Must be set to certain cycles I guess. I ended up matching the graphs clock with the oc tab clocks at 648/1620/1053.

For a great, quiet two-slot cooler you can't beat zalman's VF-1000LED with the ZM-HRS88 (for 8800) heatsink.
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