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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

Originally Posted by Gaco
That is quite odd. You should definently get higher FPS. If you just follow the instructions and use the exact same command lines, it shouldn't be that low. You could also try the thing PonyCar suggested. I can't think of any solution to that at the moment apart from reinstalling the game or even better reformatting the PC. But that is dreadfully troublesome I know, though if you're using Vista it actually doesn't take that long.

Yes that's what I meant.

It should work for DX10 also, but there's no point atm with the mouselag issue, DX10 is hardly playable.

Wiii another tweakset. Must do some more testing at some point...
For the both of you...what resolutions are you running? I've done some exhaustive benching today to try to find optimal settings. I think in order to get decent eye candy, I'm going to have to drop my res (I'm working with 1280x720 right now).

Without any modified files (just ingame settings) I have everything set to "Very high" except models, shaders, shadows, and water, which are all set to "High". With that I'm getting:
CPU 16/29/30
GPU 22/30/30

With Graco's autoexec.cfg file from the download in the first post, I'm getting:
CPU 11/20/23 -5/-9/-7
GPU 18/21/29 -4/-9/-1

All benches run at 1280x720

Anyhow, I'm avoiding your "Ultra" tweak for now...maybe I'll try to revisit it later.
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