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Default Re: Gears of War Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by K-1
How can you say that, they're adding 20% more single player content, extra multiplayer maps and modes, higher resolution textures, AND the complete Unreal editor. I agree it sucks that widescreen isn't being supported right, but I'm sure someone will figure out a way to get widescreen working properly. When you compare that one shortcoming to all the extras Epic is giving to PC gamers, I think Epic is treating us pretty well.
The added content is only there in hopes to garnish more sales and repeat sales (360 owners), not to make us PC gamers happy.

Repeatedly Epic forums have deleted threads questioning about widescreen. Another, 'up yours' signal from our Epic friends.

Not to mention the blatent lying about 'GoW will never come to PC'.

Epic is far from treating us well.

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