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Default Re: Gears of War Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Destroy
The added content is only there in hopes to garnish more sales and repeat sales (360 owners), not to make us PC gamers happy.

Repeatedly Epic forums have deleted threads questioning about widescreen. Another, 'up yours' signal from our Epic friends.

Not to mention the blatent lying about 'GoW will never come to PC'.

Epic is far from treating us well.

I was a HUGE fan of epic for years, always said they were one of the few decent developers left that knew how to optimize a game, give free content and overall give gamers a great product.

I can't say that recently. Ashame.

I may not be in love with crysis, but I'll still say Crytek is now in a league of their own as far as developers who are for the pc gamer.

Epic can go continue to lick console nuts. No one wants to play a game with no widescreen, no answers to lack of widescreen, a rigged ass path to enable aa and graphics that look like a washed out version of a clip they played us when 2 6800 ultra's were in sli. Add ontop of that sh*t ass dx10 performace and a pretty wobbley dx9 path..yeah..

Epic went from king to a queen.
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