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Default Re: Call of Duty 4: Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo
I think those 'Game XXX feedback thread' should be started by someone who has the game and has something to report about it, and not by anyone looking for feedback. You can be sure feedback will be provided as soon as the game is tested, and we can avoid pages and pages with nothing but 'please report feedback those who got the game' style posts.

I still remember the Crysis feedback thread, there was no real feedback until page 50 or 60. Please everyone should avoid this kind of threads in the future. If you are too impatient and absolutely need it, please name your thread 'Game XXX anticipation thread' or whatever you like.

9 posts and almost nothing reported so far, and have a look at the 'Gears of War Feedback Thread'. 3 pages and NOTHING. Please be patient and let owners of the game start those threads.

I agree and the second post looking for MP thoughts. I mean cmon there isn't anyone playing SP let alone MP yet. If you are gonna start a thread like this - go buy the game and YOU report it to us... don't keep asking for everyone elses thoughts...
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