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Default Re: Gears of War Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4
proboably they remover proper ws becouse of multiplayer.
16:9 players would have bigger view. but heyyy !!! now they have smaller ?!
So 4:3 user get a vertical advantage because there top and bottom is'nt cut off?

Sorry but the +Hor WS MP advantage argument is Old & Stale if your going to start down that road you might aswell start limiting Res/FPS/Control aswell infact if your gonna do that keep it on the 360

-vert is just crappy for a PC game in late 2007(they keep telling us its a PC game not a port) and Epic are gonna get lambassed for it as much as 2K were with bioshock,I mean Whats the ****ing point of adding content and higher res textures if the FOV is so crappy we can appreciate it and playing will make you wanna barff ?

And whats with the bull**** about deleting threads about WS support if they didnt want to add proper support just tell us from the outset there no need to be forum Nazies about it

Poor show Epic i'll wait for it to pop up 2nd hand now....
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