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Default Re: Gears of War Feedback Thread

I just don't like their (epic) denial of the issue. It insults our intelg. when you remove threads with questions asking about wide screen, like, gee, that's not noticable

I think this will be a bargin bin purchase for me. I played and beat the 360 version I liked the MP portion, but like most here I'm 100% against LIVE so even if I bought the game today, I'd only play the SP and honestly...the SP was fun, but not something I feel inclined to pay $50 for to do all over again with a few extra texture updates.

If you have a decent rig and have never played it, regardless of the issues, I say check it out.

My complaints are pertaining more to the technical issues of the game, not the game itself. And the company behind it, Epic, treating us pc gamer's like crap all of a sudden when it was us that made them such a success.
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