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Default Re: What happened to this?

Originally Posted by SeriTonin
So you're suggesting they held back on options for the demo? That excuse is getting old. Heard it for too many recent releases and it doesn't make a lot of sense economically.
I can even prove it. There are ocean shaders missing for example. They are there but don't work. Like many of the materials.
Open up Sandbox2 and try to select a material for the ocean. You can select a shader for each material. But the only one that currently works is the water one. The waterocean-shader doesn't work. That's why we can't have waves in the demo like in the presentation movies.
Of course no one can be absolutely sure that the final version will contain those shaders. We will have to wait.

But you should perhaps look at the other screenshots in this thread. The original poster used a very bad comparison. Me and others have posted screenshots that like much more like the original one from the presentation.
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