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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

Originally Posted by Gaco
It just seems like your peroformance is too low all across the board. I don't have any clue what's causing it if you're using the newest beta drivers, but formatting the harddisk seems like the last option to me; this however lengthy proces yields other benefits like better overall computer performance and a clean up of old files as well
You could also check if your CPU and GPU are clocked at their factory clocks. I have my Q6600 overclocked to 3.0 ghz, but it still shouldn't make that much of a difference..

I'm always in 1680*1050 btw, that's my native (that res is less than 1600*1200 but more than 1280*1024 )
Well, my install of Vista is pretty fresh (1 month old)...and I keep my OS very "clean". I'm a bit of a neat freak. I'm getting 13280 in 3DMark06. And for the numbers I just gave you, I was using a CPU clock of 3.3GHz and my 8800GTX is at 621/1458/999. Well, a couple more questions for you two.

Whick FW drivers are you using?
Did you install the Nov DX10 runtime?
What settings are you forcing through the nV control panel?

for me, I'd answer them:
1) 169.04
2) Yes
3) Forced items via "global settings"
  • AF - x16
  • Gamma correction - On
  • Conformant texture clamp - Use hardware
  • Mipmaps - Trilinear
  • Texture filtering - Negative LOD Bias - Clamp
  • Texture filtering - Quality - High Quality
  • Threaded optimization - On
  • Triple Buffering - On
  • V Sync - On
edit - Well, I think I figured out part of my problem. I reset the nV control panel settings back to default (except for AFx16) and my performance increased alot. Although I still cannot use the Ultra config with my 1920x1080 res (average FPS around 14).
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