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Default Re: Draw Distance Issue

Screen shots, as promised. I did my best to show the issue.

SS-1: As you can see, things generally look very faded if they're not close to me. This isn't the major issue. If you look where I circled in red, some things just outright don't get drawn in. That mountain/whatever will slowly draw in more and more as I get nearer to it, it's not very far away. With the 7900s It is completely drawn (I don't see anything being drawn with them, by the time I am close enough to see it in the distance, it's already done).

SS-2: Another show looking down at the city, showing how faded the textures are without being very far away.

SS-3: I think this one shows the problem best... The water, where I circled in red... I see it being drawn in little chunks as I approach it, little blocks appearing as I go. Water all looks textured and nice with the old cards.

Thanks, I really really hope this helps. The cards are great in a lot of ways, which is why I am trying to help resolve instead of giving up... this just really takes away from the visual.

Thank you for all the help again,

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