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Default New Crysis MP Map Released/Editor Tutorial

PC Gamer's most recent edition (169) included a CD with a new "exclusive" Crysis multiplayer map and map-making tutorial, along with its Crysis cover page.

The map-making tutorial video is about 9 minutes long and goes into deep detail of the sandbox editor. It appears to have been EA/Crytek made.

The description of the new multiplayer map called "Arctica":
"US forces have discovered a concentration of alien technology in a remote area deep in the pack ice region north of Greenland. Unforgiving weather and conditions and frequent incursions from North Korean assault units make controlling this site a formidable challenge."

Upon installing, four files are extracted: Arctica.xml,,, and level.pak. A combined size of about 20 megabytes.

I'm still trying to figure out how to check this level out in-game, I replaced the SP demo's island.files with that of Arcticas and I start a new game. I spawn in a bunker/armory similiar to the N. Korean one in the MP Beta map shore. The only reason I can't post some screenshots as well is because I get that "out of combat zone" warning and have 2 seconds to get back into the zone, so it keeps killing me and I keep respawning. Anyone know how I can disable that warning/kill thing that pops up? Anyone have any other ideas on how I'd be able to check out the sexy snow/ice shaders in-game?
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