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Default Re: Call of Duty 4: Feedback Thread

Dude this game is bad..ass. Ok.. its short... but this is one of those experience games. The visuals are all top notch (I was able to find a few things to nitpick, but not damn many!) and that combined with the script..steller model animation which was pretty flawless all the way around makes for an amazing experience. Also not since C&C's installation sequence has such visual flair and smoothness been applied to level transitions.

I think my game of the year award still goes to crysis (omg..unreal 3 coming in 3rd? if you told me this a year ago I would never have belived it) but damn... cod4 is an easy 2nd.

BTW anyone else try turning the AA off? I didn't like the fps in a few areas (the misty ponds were pretty bad) but turning the AA off caused the display to have a corrupted orange/gold color cycling. I think we just found the first that that DOSNT work with AA turned OFF!
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