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Default Re: 8800 GTS Overclock

Originally Posted by Feyy
My first go at overclocking graphics cards

what i got so far:

Fairly good imo, its on stock cooling with fan at constant 80%.

Sadly i couldn't push the memory for 1000 like many others, kept artifacting.
Core could be pushed to 700mhz but would crash after 2 mins stress test in ATI Tool (Guessing not enough voltage). Got shader to 1700ish but again artifacting.

Load Temps Peak at 71*c

Edit: Lowered shader from 1655 to 1620, was getting smallish artifacts ! Seem's perfectly stable now

GPU-Z Validation link:

Your thoughts?
Nice overclock there, so you got 681/1620/954?... very nice

Ready to flash then? =)
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