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Default Re: What DON'T you like about Crisis?

For the ones who have no problems with the hit system (taking some many hits to kill), you all have a different feel for a game than I do. I have lots of games and none of them felt this unnatural except Stalker. All the others have felt "right" in the weapon to kill feel. This one just doesn't for me. I thought Far Cry in this regard was perfect. Right number of hits closest to real life, it actually felt like you were shooting someone. This seems like it was done on purpose in Crisis to make the game more frustrating and maybe last longer. I like head shots as much as the next guy but body shots should do the trick too. Shoot someone in the chest with body armor on, see how long he stays standing. Not long, just the impact alone is going to knock him on his ass. In this game it's like they're being hit with BBs. I hope there is some kind of adjustment that can be done in the retail game.
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