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Default Re: Crysis turns up nose at quad

Originally Posted by agentkay
No we don't really know but it seems to be pre-recorded "actions" that are being played back at realtime and since a lot of phyics are involved it does put plenty of load on the CPU. Framerates are comparable to the actual demo framerate and they are affected by ingame settings and cfg settings.

I ran the CPU timedemo once at 1920x1080 and the CPU load on core1 was around 80-85% and core2 a little higher 85-90%. Then I reduced the resolution to 800x600 and this time both cores were very similar at about 90-95%.

I'm not exactly sure how tested but since the tests were done at the same frequency it should reflect CPU efficiency and architecture incl. core count, at least thats the way I understood it.
Yes i dont believe its hard for Crytek to cook up a timedemo that takes advantage of all 4 cores.
Capcom did that very well with their Framework engine in Lost Planet & the difference between 1 , 2 & 4 cores is day/night clear.

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