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Default Re: How to force which display to be used, even if screen is off?

Originally Posted by netllama
You acquire the EDID by starting X while the display device is connected and powered on.
Yes, I found in one of our previous post, how to use nvidia-settings to extract the EDID

I'm not really clear on the other problem you're describing as ConnectedMonitor has no connection to Twinview.
I seem to have misread the README file, there as a mention that if you were to use Twinview, you would have to specify both monitors in ConnectedMonitor with ConnectedMonitor DFP,CRT.
I can't find that text anymore.

What I was trying to say is that prior to upgrading to 100.14.x ; I only had to put ConnectedMonitor DFP in the DFP device section, now I must put ConnectedMonitor DFP,CRT to get something on the CRT.

In any case, thank you, you're the man.

It is now working perfectly as I wanted to . When I turn the projector on, I now get a beautiful picture ...

Thank you again
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