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Default Sound stutter in Crysis only

After upgrading the trusty 7800 to 8800GT and installing the new drivers required to run it, sound in Crysis has a sever stutter. It does this at any time, from logo movies to the main menu and of course in game. (I mention the graphics card & driver update because I played the demo through with the old card and did not notice any sound issue.)

There is no HDD access, Task Manager shows no other programs using CPU time. No other game exhibits this problem (tried a bunch of old games and new demos like UnrealTournament3.) The Crysis frame rate is good (20-40fps depending on quality setting), but is now essentially unplayable due to the sound issue. I've tried an older driver, but can't go too old since the GT card was not supported. I've checked the sound settings in Control Panel for any anomaly, but nothing looks suspicious.

A google search shows a bunch of people appear to have this same problem, but not a single real solution has been presented. Any ideas folks?

Vista 32bit
Athlon 3500+
Geforce 8800gt
Realtek ALC850 sound (on board)
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